Hickory Golf is returning to Northern California

Or…..maybe it never left. We hope you are well and have weathered the recent pandemic in good shape. It’s been a challenging time on many fronts. As life forces us to focus on the necessary, our nice-to-haves sometimes migrate to the back burner. We’re happy to announce that we’re slowly emerging from our COVID hibernation and are eager to reinvigorate hickory golf on the West Coast. This new website is a work in progress, but will serve as a hub for local information and details regarding events and outings. We hope you’ll drop in occasionally and join us for a round. Two new events have been added for June, and we hope to sponsor a few others as summer progresses. Your comments and suggestions are welcome, please use the Contact form to let us know what you would like to see, or just let us know you’re out there and looking for some hickory playing companions.

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